At Betty Jeffries, we have worked tirelessly to bring you the best fitting shirt. Say goodbye to ill fitting shirts that gap and pull at your bust. Welcome instead, our perfect fitting shirt that is beautifully tailored to fit your bust!


Our shirts are available in the size options below. If your bust size happens to fall in between sizes, we recommend that you buy up to the nearest bust size.

Discover your perfect fit today!

Measure around the fullest part of your bust and straight across your back. Combine your bust measurement with your typical shirt size. Now enjoy the perfect fit!

For the woman who already fits perfectly in her size.
Available in 34” small, 36” medium,   38” large, 40” xlarge.

For the woman who needs just a little more room in her bust.
Available in 36” small, 38” medium,   40” large, 42” xlarge.

For the woman needing substantial room in her bust.
Available in 38” small, 40” medium,   42” large, 44” xlarge.

For the woman needing significantly more room in her bust.
Available in 40” small, 42” medium,   44” large, 46” xlarge.